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Deal of the Decade

July 12th, 2007

Now I’m not one to see a deal in a shop and buy something I don’t really need or buy an item on a whim but this was to good to be true. Let me set the story up for you! At the moment I’m in the United States for my usual summer trip to spend time with Kelly and I have just purchased a laptop from Kells brother Chris (Toshiba M35-S320). This laptop was a fantastic deal for me as it is significantly better than the one I have at the moment, only a couple of years old and cost me $300 (pictures to come soon). Well today, Kell and I were in Circuit City (a kind of US version of Curry’s but better) and Kell was passing time, waiting for me coming out from the toilet and happened to come across this laptop bag. The bag in question was a Sierra laptop case (American company selling offical Swiss Army Knife branded items) bearing all of the Swiss Army Knife motifs. Needless to say that both of us bought a bag each.

Rebate on my new Laptop case

Now if thats not the deal of the decade then I dont know what is!

Medical Convention

May 4th, 2007

On Wednesday, Kelly attended the Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical Association Convention with her Dad (Doctor W) and asked me if I would like her to pick up a few things for me. This is what she got just for me (and all for free):

SuppliesSupplies Hosted on Zooomr

Notepads, a stress ball, a stapler, a water bottle (full of pens), fridge magnets, more notepads, post-it-notes, a Sticky Pad (for holding stuff in the car), 2 lanyards, Golf Balls, Golf tees, a Stethoscope light and even more pens. Also not pictured is a pen light for looking down peoples throats when they are unwell and a wall clock.

This is not including the stuff that she got for herself, I can just imagine how many bags she took out of the convention. I’ll need to take a separate case over just to bring all this stuff back. Thanks Kell.

Also, as you can see above, I’m trying out Zooomr on recommendation from a friend. When I’ve played around with it a bit more I’ll write a short review.

May the 4th be with you!

Bar Staffing Policy

April 30th, 2007

During my regular nightly walk home to my car, I made a small detour to Iceland, the frozen food shop, through Ashton Lane in Glasgow and noticed this sign outside the bar “Vodka Wodka” :

New Staffing Policy

Needless to say I was quite shocked when I saw this but it did bring a smile to my face 🙂

How do you get there …. Swim you say?

April 25th, 2007

If you ask Google Maps for driving directions from New York to Glasgow, Scotland and they’ll give them to you, including this step, “24. Swim across the Atlantic Ocean 3,462 mi.” Even crazier, they tell you to swim to France, drive to the Channel Tunnel to England and then up to Glasgow. Personally I think if your crazy enough to swim the Atlantic to France then the least you could do is head slightly North and end up on the shores of Saltcoats, or even better, past the sunken sugar ship and end up underneath the “Squinty Bridge“. Although, maybe Google knows something we dont know about, lurking off the shores of Scotland?

Thanks to Stephen for sending this little Easter Egg to me.

The King of the Emoticons Strikes Again!

January 30th, 2007

Who knew that such an evil person could bring down a system with just 1 paragraph of text re-sent many, many times!

>:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o 🙂 😀 8) (*) >:o

Renders to this:

Thanks to the so called “King of Emoticons” he crashed:

  • gAIM
  • MSN Webmessenger
  • Konversation

This man should avoided at all cost (well just in online chat) 🙂

I’m having a Wii-ly bad day!

December 7th, 2006

Well a couple of weeks back, I laid my claim to a pre-order for a Nintendo Wii from The date was the 24th November and ever since I’ve been looking forward to tomorrow (8th December – UK Wii Launch Date) Well that was until a little email from Woolworths changed my day for the worse. I’ll give you a little history of this pre-order. Woolworths offered the following offer, pre-order the Wii and we will “Guarantee your pre-order delivered to you on the week of release”. In my mind that was any day from the 8th December to the 15th. I have been checking my order page waiting to see the coveted words “Ready for Dispatch” appear but alas it hasn’t appeared. Then to top it all off I received this email from customer services:

“Nintendo have only shipped part of the promised stock for Nintendo Wii to all retailers within the UK. Due to this, we have only received part of our allocation. We are led to believe by Nintendo that we will receive all stock in time for pre-Christmas delivery. Please accept our apologies for this delay. “

Week of Release ….. my arse! I took a week off of work so that both Kelly and me could play with the new toy, well really I took the week off to spend time with Kelly! So yeah that’s kinda put me in a mood now … I hope all you guys that are getting a Wii enjoy playing it on release day, think of the pour souls that have been mucked over by Woolworths.

UPDATE: Just got a message through that they are dispatching Wii Play + Controller pack to me …. Way to rub salt into the wounds Woolworths!

UPDATE: I now have a tracking number for Wii Play …. yipee [note the sarcaism]

UPDATE: Its here 🙂 Spent the last 6 hours playing Wii Sports …. It’s ACE. Full review coming soon 🙂

My new toy ….

November 15th, 2006

Today I took delivery of my new toy …. an Olympus [mju] 700:

My new toy

I haven’t had too much of a chance to play with the camera yet but some of the shots I’ve taken round the office have turned out nice! It’s been around a year since my old Sony Cybershot met it’s maker and it will be greatly missed, had some great memories with it (Just take a look around my Gallery). More pictures to follow plus my review of the new camera!

UPDATE: Pictures from the camera can be found here.

Well read Spammers!

November 10th, 2006

Many of you might be in the same position as I am in, every morning waking up to a mail box full of spam! Even though I have a spam filter on the server, I still have spam coming into my mail box and I’m getting tired of it. We all have had the various messages that invite us to download some screen saver (laced with spyware and viruses) or buy prescriptions on some dodgy US site, even ‘Hot Stock Tips’ in a lovely layered .gif file. It seems that the spammers are getting wise to normal spam filters looking for certain words in subject lines or messages received from ‘black listed’ hosts. Well the face of spam has been elevated to a new high readers, Well read Spammers!

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I found it …

November 8th, 2006

Hey everyone … well since my last post I have myself a job (more about this in a future post) and the future is looking bright 🙂 Recently, I have been watching a wee bit more television than usual and came across the Secret Policeman’s Ball, from the Royal Albert Hall. It was a great program but I felt that it peaked way too soon! This video was, for me, the highlight of the whole show. Some of you may recognise the guy from an old YouTube movie but this version is soo much better. (Wait till near the end for the surprise … this had me and my flat mate rolling around in laughter! 🙂

Sorry guys, video has been removed from YouTube!

OK Go …..

September 20th, 2006

Hey everyone! At the moment I am sitting behind a computer in the good old U. S of A! I just saw this music video on MTV and I thought that I would share the video with you all back at home. Hope you guys like it as much as I do, It’s a very original idea.

And this is the Live Version …..

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