I found it …

Hey everyone … well since my last post I have myself a job (more about this in a future post) and the future is looking bright 🙂 Recently, I have been watching a wee bit more television than usual and came across the Secret Policeman’s Ball, from the Royal Albert Hall. It was a great program but I felt that it peaked way too soon! This video was, for me, the highlight of the whole show. Some of you may recognise the guy from an old YouTube movie but this version is soo much better. (Wait till near the end for the surprise … this had me and my flat mate rolling around in laughter! 🙂

Sorry guys, video has been removed from YouTube!

2 Responses to “I found it …”

  1. Chris Miller Says:

    That’s damn funny dude. Saw the show was on but never actually watched it, wish I had now.

    Hope all’s going well with you man, not heard anything from you in a while.

  2. Amy Says:

    Glad to hear your well my man, in Glasgow end Nov see ya then?

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