Well read Spammers!

Many of you might be in the same position as I am in, every morning waking up to a mail box full of spam! Even though I have a spam filter on the server, I still have spam coming into my mail box and I’m getting tired of it. We all have had the various messages that invite us to download some screen saver (laced with spyware and viruses) or buy prescriptions on some dodgy US site, even ‘Hot Stock Tips’ in a lovely layered .gif file. It seems that the spammers are getting wise to normal spam filters looking for certain words in subject lines or messages received from ‘black listed’ hosts. Well the face of spam has been elevated to a new high readers, Well read Spammers!

Gone are the days that spammers have used an off the shelf dictionary to translate from their native European language to English, sometimes with funny results:

Personal Homepages of WEATHER for teen in hazing NFL He’s about without any Compsoc mailing list! Catch WEATHER too late printer tonight!

But now the spammers are sending me this:

before she came to the place, and accordingly began by observing, that his arrival had been very
certain true. he comes down on thursday at the latest, very likely on wednesday. she was going to
contrary, had seen a collection of people in whom there was little beauty and no fashion, for none of
assurance. she was very equal, therefore, to address mr. bingley on the subject of the ball, and
discover the number of the hackney coach which took them from clapham. it had come with a fare
“how strange!” cried elizabeth. “how abominable! i wonder that the very pride of this mr.
elizabeth was convinced that they held her in contempt for it. she was received, however, very
distant civility. mr. collins, however, was not discouraged from speaking again, and mr. darcy’s
“yes,” replied darcy, who could contain himself no longer, “but that was only when i first saw
do but consider in what a disgraceful light it places mr. darcy, to be treating his father’s favourite in
begin directly by asking you what made you so unwilling to come to the point at last. what made you
as he was to begin his journey too early on the morrow to see any of the family, the ceremony of
“the first wish of my heart,” said she to herself, “is never more to be in company with either of
“take care, lizzy; that speech savours strongly of disappointment.”
“you are too generous to trifle with me. if your feelings are still what they were last april, tell me so at
been little used to company, and she looked forward to her introduction at rosings with as much
and lydia depended less on any single event, or any particular person, for though they each, like

This is not an isolated incident either I have around 14 more emails that are identical! 3 guesses where the above text comes from … Answers in the comments. So now instead of us getting viruses or headaches from emails telling us to enlarge our wee man, the spammers are now educating the masses. There is no way that this kind of spam can have any phycological impact on me …. Now where did i put that “Pride and Prejudice” 🙂

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