I’m having a Wii-ly bad day!

Well a couple of weeks back, I laid my claim to a pre-order for a Nintendo Wii from The date was the 24th November and ever since I’ve been looking forward to tomorrow (8th December – UK Wii Launch Date) Well that was until a little email from Woolworths changed my day for the worse. I’ll give you a little history of this pre-order. Woolworths offered the following offer, pre-order the Wii and we will “Guarantee your pre-order delivered to you on the week of release”. In my mind that was any day from the 8th December to the 15th. I have been checking my order page waiting to see the coveted words “Ready for Dispatch” appear but alas it hasn’t appeared. Then to top it all off I received this email from customer services:

“Nintendo have only shipped part of the promised stock for Nintendo Wii to all retailers within the UK. Due to this, we have only received part of our allocation. We are led to believe by Nintendo that we will receive all stock in time for pre-Christmas delivery. Please accept our apologies for this delay. “

Week of Release ….. my arse! I took a week off of work so that both Kelly and me could play with the new toy, well really I took the week off to spend time with Kelly! So yeah that’s kinda put me in a mood now … I hope all you guys that are getting a Wii enjoy playing it on release day, think of the pour souls that have been mucked over by Woolworths.

UPDATE: Just got a message through that they are dispatching Wii Play + Controller pack to me …. Way to rub salt into the wounds Woolworths!

UPDATE: I now have a tracking number for Wii Play …. yipee [note the sarcaism]

UPDATE: Its here 🙂 Spent the last 6 hours playing Wii Sports …. It’s ACE. Full review coming soon 🙂

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  1. Matt Gemmell Says:

    Yeah seems everyone is really short of the things; shame on Nintendo for not getting their fucking supply chain sorted out. I got a letter (an actual physical letter) from Curry’s saying that they wouldn’t be able to deliver until sometime before Christmas (not that that’s very far away, but whatever).

    My supposedly-guaranteed pre-order still shows December 14th as the estimated delivery date. My order with Woolies (from the day before yours, at midday) shows Ready for Despatch, and my card was billed 5 days ago, so I’m hopeful I’ll get it within the next few days at least.

    You’ll get one mate. Neil will likely have his before any of us; tit. I’m taking my mind off it by playing through Wind Waker again!

  2. Matt Gemmell Says:

    Update: my Wii shipped from Amazon! I’m tracking it with CityLink right now, and I should apparently have it tomorrow (Fri 8th). I didn’t even notice it had shipped because I was playing The Wind Waker for about 3 hours tonight. Alas, I have no copies of Zelda shipped yet; the irony!

  3. chris Says:

    hey just wanted to let you know i added you on my wii not sure how this works but i wanted some more miis mine is 2362 4133 8807 8966 my handle is bcbluff thanks

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