How do you get there …. Swim you say?

If you ask Google Maps for driving directions from New York to Glasgow, Scotland and they’ll give them to you, including this step, “24. Swim across the Atlantic Ocean 3,462 mi.” Even crazier, they tell you to swim to France, drive to the Channel Tunnel to England and then up to Glasgow. Personally I think if your crazy enough to swim the Atlantic to France then the least you could do is head slightly North and end up on the shores of Saltcoats, or even better, past the sunken sugar ship and end up underneath the “Squinty Bridge“. Although, maybe Google knows something we dont know about, lurking off the shores of Scotland?

Thanks to Stephen for sending this little Easter Egg to me.

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  1. Kell Says:

    So put the directions in reverse and hop to it! Love ya

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