Digital Projector Project

I have decided, over my Easter break, that I am going build a Digital Projector in 10 easy steps (Just In Time for the World Cup and the last episode of 24!) You can track the progress on this page, photos should be added at a later date.

Step 1: Design

The Digital projector will consist of a MDF Box with a couple of lenses inside, a high power lamp and a LCD moniter. There will be a lens in the front of the box which will be able to move to adjust focus. Hopefully it will be able to project an 120 inch image onto my flat wall.

The paper design

Step 2: Box Build

I made a simple box just the house the prototype, nothing really special 6 sides of MDF with a handle on the top for portabilty.

The Box Built

Step 3: Add Electronics

Again not alot was needed, two switches, a power connector and a big fan to get the heat of the lamp outside away from the LCD, all nicely on the left handside of the back. Still to be added is a grill for the fan and the temperature sensor.

Electronics Added

LCD Stripped

The LCD Stripped

Step 4: Fit Lamp and Bulb

Note: I had to add two more fans cause of the build up of heat 🙂

Bulbs and the new fans

Step 5: Build Lens Holders

The Lens Fitted

Step 6: Build LCD Enclosure and Fit into Box

Top down on the box

Step 7: Fit Front Lens

The Box Built

Step 8: Wire Up LCD and Fit Front Panel

All the connections

Step 9: Check All Connections

After around 30 minutes of checking all the wires .. I finally felt confident enough to switch it on!

Step 10: Fire The Bad Boy Up

Pics of results to follow